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Fellowship meetings

Come join us on our next fellowship meeting. Click here to download the latest program.


Women Fellowship meeting

Come join us on the next women fellowship meeting held every second Sunday of the month


Africa Day Celebration

Every year, we meet to celebrate Africa Day.
Join us this year on October 26th 2019


Men Fellowship meeting

Come join us on the next men fellowship meeting held every first Sunday of the month

Upcoming Events

May 2024
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Praise Jam

Come join us for Praise Jam, the second and fourth Friday of Every month


Youth fellowship meeting

Come join us on the next youth fellowship meeting

ACF Missions

ACF Atlanta leads missions in Africa to improve the lives of the local community and spread the name of the GOD

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ACF Mission in Sierra Leone

ACF… Enter description


ACF Mission: Liberia

ACF Enter description 

Our Work in Action

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